Five project areas have been set out and will be overseen by members of the Executive Committee. These areas reflect the types of available datasets, analysis methods and data interpretation.

All active projects are described below. It is hoped that these projects will be highly collaborative with joint contributions from all. Hence, eligible cohorts meeting the entry criteria are encouraged to participate in these projects. For details on how to join specific projects please see the information below.

Equally, as the aim of GoDMC is to support and expedite research within the field of epigenetics, all members are encouraged to establish and lead their own analysis projects; either genome-wide meta-analyses or targeted replication studies. For details on how to establish new projects please see the Information page.

SNPs and DNA Methylation Variation

Structural Variants and DNA Methylation Variation

Tissue Specificity and Ethnic Differences In DNA Methylation

Variation In DNA Methylation Profiles Across The Lifecourse

Integrating Methylation with Other 'Omics’: Evidence For Shared Genetic Mechanisms

Proposing new analyses

Because the pipeline harmonises the data from many cohorts into a single framework, it is our hope that this can be a resource that the community of researchers within the consortium can use to conduct further work involving genetic, methylation and phenotypic data. Members can propose new projects that fall under two different categories:

  1. Using the results that are already generated by the pipeline from existing modules (Summary Stats Proposal Form)
  2. Writing new modules to perform extended analyses (New Analysis Proposal Form)