Joining GoDMC

GoDMC is open to any researchers with an interest in studying the genetic basis of DNA methylation variation. In addition to possessing the relevant data (i.e. Illumina HM450 or EPIC Beadchip and ideally GWAS SNP data) consortium members must be:

  1. Committed to take part in collaborative studies to identify genetic variation associated with DNA methylation
  2. Committed to provide samples or to carry out additional genotyping/methylation mapping for replication studies (if for example, HM450/EPIC or GWAS data are not available)
  3. Committed to contribute to the development of data harmonisation and analysis methods relevant to interrogating the genetic basis of DNA methylation variation using data from multiple sources
  4. Willing to abide by the GoDMC Code of Conduct when taking part in such collaborative studies.

In order to help support future collaborations between GoDMC members a Code of Conduct has been set out. If after reading these documents you wish to join GoDMC or have any queries regarding GoDMC, please contact the study co-ordinator.

Joining Established GoDMC Projects

All ongoing projects are advertised on this website. It is hoped that these projects will be highly collaborative with joint contributions from all members. Specific projects will comprise specific entry criteria (e.g. tissue type, age, disease subgroup). Hence, all eligible cohorts meeting the entry criteria are encouraged to participate in these projects. Details on how to join active projects can be found on the individual project pages.

Establishing New Projects

The aim of GoDMC is to expedite research within this field by supporting large-scale replication and meta-analysis collaborations across the research community. Hence, GoDMC members are encouraged to establish and lead additional analysis projects; either genome-wide meta-analyses or targeted replication studies. For more advice on establishing new projects and identifying/contacting potential GoDMC collaborators please contact the study co-ordinator.


For general enquiries and to join GoDMC please contact the GoDMC co-ordinator: (